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Dong Nam Mechanical Electrical Installation CO.,LTD

Headquarters: No. 6H4, Collective of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi
Repr… Office: Room 610, 6FL, CT3 Building, 379 Pham Van Dong Street, Bac Tu Liem District, Ha Noi
Tel: +84.4.62652067
Fax: +84.4.62652068
MST: 0106211145
Email: dongnamtme@gmail.com
Website: http://dotech.com.vn


DONGNAMTECH., LTD was established in 1998, from the members, a team of engineers, workers and thickness of key knowledge and experience, are trained from large corporations at home and abroad. DONGNAMTECH power of the platform is built on the combination, screening, developed from the experience and knowledge of each member of the company.

We, DONGNAMTECH., LTD prides itself that, each company’s products provide the performance, the school will receive the appreciation of the customers in terms of quality, schedule, aesthetic, pricing. The main business areas to participate in the market including: Consulting, design and construction of systems engineering for civil works, office buildings, high-c incubation, the modern industrial plants.

With credibility, competence, experience and creativity do not stop, we believe that, when selecting the tops offered from DONGNAMTECH customers can be assured for choosing a reliable partner.

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Do Tien Hung

Do Tien Hung


Mr. Buoyega was born in one of Detroit’s poorest blocks, all before pursuing his successful managerial career in the future. For him, the breakthrough happened when he was able to get on Harvard University’s Law School list. After graduating from there, he was working for a few years for a number of multi-million dollar corporations, climbing up the corporate ladder and…

Kenneth Richadson

Kenneth Richadson


A talented and creative leader, Kenneth is known among his colleagues for how good his organizing and team leading skills are… Working priorly for a number of American and International multi-billion dollar companies, Kenneth has built up a reputation and a skillset worthy of an executive manager. His constant focus at work is on…

Jonathan Christman

Jonathan Christman


Being as a devoted family man as he is, it is incredible how Jonathan has time left for managing multi-million dollar contracts, satisfying all of our clients and managing a vast team of professionals under his command. His resolve is well-known, making him one of the few executive managers in our company who is admired by co-workers. His long stance…

Martin Gray

Martin Gray


Originally from London, at one point of his sophomore college year, Martin decided to turn the tables for his career and travel to the US, to try and get a Harvard MBA degree… Eventually, he succeeded in that, becoming one of the most respected executive managers in his field of work. His 15 years long experience of work in miscellaneous big companies allows him…

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Stanson, NJ

” Suffering a big power outage in the middle of our working day was absolutely unacceptable for us. This was why we’ve called these guys and asked them to bring back the power in 1 hour. Which they did! “

Deborah Quagmire

Okaloppo bridge, RI

” I am very happy about owning a Tesla electric vehicle. But what I was not happy about recently, were some glitches to my power supply. These guys, who are located next to my office helped me out big time by fixing it all right away! “

Benedict Arnold

Kennesaw, GA

” When our office went out of power and we had a blackout right in the middle of the business day, we’ve been losing a lot of money. Luckily this company was agile enough to come to our rescue in a mere hour! “

Gerald Cutler

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